Chatbot Pre-Built

Prebuilt chatbots come with predefined functionality and responses, allowing businesses to quickly deploy and customize chatbot solutions without extensive development efforts.

Chatbot Integration

Integrate to Website, Facebook, Telegram, Whatsapp Messenger Seamlessly with API

AI Learning

Make AI Learn on the Fly with every one conversation for better output.


The core values of a Discussbot is to prioritize innovation, user-centric design, continuous improvement, and ethical AI practices.

As a leading chatbot company, is committed to revolutionizing customer interactions through cutting-edge AI technology and seamless user experiences.

Our mission as a chatbot company is to empower businesses with AI-driven conversational solutions that enhance customer engagement, streamline operations, and drive meaningful connections.

Get Insights Only In Google

Access Google unique insights and machine learning capabilities to help

Make Your Data Work For You

Process and share your data quickly with an easy-to-use interface and shareable.


Machine Learning

Machine learning empowers chatbots to dynamically improve responses and user interactions over time by learning from data patterns and user feedback.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis equips chatbots with the ability to comprehend and respond according to users' emotions, leading to more empathetic and tailored conversations.

Lead Generation

Lead generation through chatbots automates the process of identifying and capturing potential customers, streamlining the sales funnel with personalized interactions and data collection.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing with Local Language support empowers chatbots to comprehend, interpret, and generate human language, enabling more natural and meaningful conversations between machines and users.


A webhook for a chatbot serves as a way to receive and respond to external data in real-time, enhancing the bot's capabilities by enabling immediate reactions to events from other applications.


API integration for chatbot enables seamless communication between different software systems, allowing the chatbot to retrieve and deliver information from external sources in real-time conversations.


    Define Clear Objectives, and Design intuitive user flows with our Support Team.


    Technical team will Design clear intuitive work flows for chatbot for better user experience

    Test and AI Learning

    Test AI bot and ensuring continuous monitoring and refinement based on the user flows.


    Install and Integrate to multiple platforms using API and Support seamlessly.

    Whatsapp Remainders

    $ 10
    Per Month
    1. Unlimited Whatsapp Remainders
    2. 1 Whatsapp Number
    3. Meeting Schedules Remainders
    4. Setup Daily Schedules for Whatsapp


    $ 149
    Per Month
    1. 2 Chatbot
    2. Unlimited Conversations
    3. Unlimited Question & Answer pairs
    4. Analytics dashboard
    5. Micro-code for embedding into webpages
    6. Lead Generation sent via Email for faster response
    7. Integration with Facebook, Telegram


    $ 399
    Per Month
    1. 5 chatbot
    2. Everything in Professional
    3. Dedicated Support
    4. Whatsapp Integration
    5. Lead Generation sent via Email for faster response

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